Discover how we assist dentists in defining and executing their goals while establishing a lasting legacy.

Optimize Practice Services offers comprehensive consulting services and dental partnership support to help dentists and their teams achieve their unique visions for growth, scaling, platform building, or investment securing. Our goal is to help dentists clarify their goals and then execute them effectively.

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Case Studies

Dr. Arman Petrosyan
California Dental - Dr. Arman Petrosyan - San Fernando, CA

Dr. Arman Petrosyan

From Solo Doctor to Entrepreneur with an engaged team.

“My family is happier because I’m more present – without a loss of income, I expanded my “freedom of time” and don’t feel guilty spending time away from my practice.”

Dr. Arman Petrosyan

Centro Medico

Andy Piskoulian, CEO


“Thank you Optimize for helping us impact the health of our patients! I needed expertise, credibility, and action to support the dental team at Centro Medico—and we got that from the Optimize Practice Services team.”