You can grow and scale your practice in many ways. We’re here to help you find the right path.

“We exist for the sole purpose of helping dentists and their teams grow and scale“


As a dentist owner, you’ve played double, often triple duty: clinician, business owner, and leader.

You may want to exit, take on investment, or grow your practice. Regardless of what your goals are, we’re here to help you get there—you’re not alone.

Dental Partnership

Fulfill your vision and get on the path to exiting your practice in the next three to five years while maintaining your cash flow. This option allows you to begin exit planning and optimize your practice’s valuation.

What you get:

  • Up front cash at a higher valuation than traditional exit
  • Access to our Dental Partnership platform that is built for growth and designed to support your unique vision
  • Legal and financial structures that are ready for investment, to allow for associate growth, and your most-valued team members to earn equity over time
  • Mastermind workshops focused on helping you gain financial freedom and become an investor with passive income
  • Guaranteed exit valuation at three to five years

Platform Membership

Grow and scale your practice without the estimated $1-1.5 Million investment it takes to build a platform on your own. Optimize your practice’s valuation and get valuable support so you can maximize your practice’s growth.

What you get:

  • 100% practice equity and distribution retained
  • Access to our entire platform, including best-in-class vendors and executive leaders
  • Optimized legal and financial structures configured for your dental practice’s growth and investment
  • Leadership and staff development, including virtual coaching, training access, and more
  • Guaranteed exit valuation at three to five years

Consulting Support

Get the benefit of our experienced team working to help you clarify your vision and build your strategic plan for growth and scale.

What you get:

  • Vision Day facilitated to understand your practice’s Point A and your desired Point B, identifying the gaps getting in your way so we can help you prioritize and build your strategic plan
  • Project management support and coaching to ensure your success.
  • Ongoing goal-setting, KPI evaluation, and support

3 Options, Endless Opportunities for Growth

Our goal is to help you make your vision a reality – it’s what gets us up in the morning.

Whether you choose a consulting engagement or join our platform as a member or partner, we are ready to help you achieve what’s next for you.

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100% Autonomy on Clinical Matters
Operational Autonomy
Practice Vision and Strategic Plan Development Support
Quarterly Strategic Development Day
Virtual Leadership Coaching
Operational Support
Full Access to OPS-Negotiated Pricing and Vendors
Guaranteed Sale Multiple
Quarterly Mastermind Workshops (wealth creation and finance focused)

The Optimize Practice Services Platform

Partners and members get access to a world-class dental practice platform that’s guided by our experience in entrepreneurial and large-practice settings, fueled by respected vendors in the dental industry, and built with you in mind.

Vision Clarified

Know where you’re headed and get
a plan and support to move forward

Leadership Coaching

Develop yourself so you can effectively
lead your team toward your vision

Human Resources & Recruiting

Spend more time doing what you love without the weight of recruiting employees and associates and the ongoing HR tasks, such as payroll, compensation, safety, security, employee benefits, and more.

Finance & Accounting

Get the freedom from worry that comes with an experienced and knowledgeable finance, accounting, and tax return management function to support you.

Revenue Cycle Management

Get support and training for your team in billing, efficiency in workflows, and get paid faster by FFS and PPO payers. 


Identify your priority plans and provide
needed information—we’ll handle the rest!


Get preferred pricing from the most respected vendors in the industry, including large equipment and supplies.


Access turn-key compliance trainings,
chart audits, and deep regulatory knowledge.


From data management, software, and support to business networks and compliant systems—we manage your IT needs.


Leave your lease management and negotiation, installation, and more to our team.